You’ve won the lottery…now what?

We all think the solution to our money problems is simply more cash, but why do some Lottery winners end up with nothing. Because they didn’t change their mindset or money beliefs and although more money is a feasible solution to the problem not having enough money it will only help in the short term and the anxiety around your income and outgoings will return.

The stressful relationship we have with money comes from the way we think about and interact with it. Changing the way you think about money can help in the long term.

An easy way to start is to think stress reducing thoughts regarding money, such as;

  1. “I need less than I think”
  2. “Money will not make me happy”
  3. “Money is simply a tool that helps me create amazing memories”
  4. “I have everything I need”

You might not believe any of the above statements but pay attention to how you feel when you say them, do they help reduce some anxiety that you feel around your finances?

Now have a think about how you talk about money, whether it’s to yourself or to others. Do you recognise any of these statements:

  1. “I’m so skint”
  2. “I just need enough to pay my bills”
  3. “I’ve never got enough”
  4. “Money doesn’t grow on trees”

When you say them often enough your brain begins to believe it which affects your energy, what you are putting out into the world and what you will then receive back (this is based on the Law of Attraction but that’s a whole other post!).

I totally understand this because I used to have a poverty mind set where I not only thought I would never have enough but that I didn’t DESERVE to have what I wanted and that it wasn’t safe for me to be successful enough to have any wealth. When you come from a place like that you will constantly find ways to subconsciously sabotage yourself so you ALWAYS stay in that situation.

This is hard to hear at first because you instantly argue that you obviously don’t WANT to live like that and it’s not your fault but your money beliefs were instilled at such a young age you don’t even recognise them as negative beliefs because they have been transformed into facts.

Money isn’t the only currency.

Although I still struggle with the idea that there is more than enough to go around I’ve started to chip away at it by recognising the difference between “Wealth”, “Abundance” and that money is not the only currency we have at our disposal,
we often forget about our time, any skills we have or our energy.

My top tip to help you recognise your own money patterns is Self Awareness.
Here are some exercises to help you with that:

  1. Have a bitch.

You can’t deal with what you don’t know, you have to realise all the complaints you hold about cash, so get it all out. Grab a pen and paper and write down all your worries about moneyand what you hate about it.
Congratulations you’ve just discovered your very own Money Myths!


  1. Hide and seek.

Now you have to discover what you hide from and your spending patterns.
Do only pay the minimum amount on your credit card? Do you put off paying your bills? Do you feel like to have enough? Do you always give people loans?


  1. The dark side of money

To figure out your negative beliefs about money think about how money was spoke about at home. When you were growing up how did your mum and dad act and talk about money?


  1. New Money

When you have a list of your “shadow” beliefs you can then create a set of new more positive beliefs by creating a belief that’s opposite to the one you wrote down.

For example:
Old Belief: People with money lie
Counter Example: Honest people have money
New Belief: Money has no effect on your character.


So you have a whole new set of beliefs, now what?
You have to believe that you really deserve more. But to have more, you have to change your thinking, behaviours and habits related to your self-worth little by little. Some ways you can do this are:

  • Positive self talk
  • Read self development books
  • Find a community of positive minded people.

The ideas in this post were inspired by the book “Worthy” by Nancy Levin.
If you’d like to look in-depth at your money beliefs I highly recommend getting it , it was a total game changer for me and is available to buy on Amazon.






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